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Track everything, easily...

Effortlessly record your activity throughout the day using:
  • Time sheet emails for easy invoicing
  • Photos to ensure you keep accurate visual records
  • Voice memos to minimise typing
  • Projects to easily manage related tasks
  • Maps to monitor time spent in each location
  • Tags to see how much time you spend on similar tasks
  • A to-do list to keep you focused
  • Integrated address book to make it easy to contact clients
  • Backup & restore functions to keep your data safe

Project Management

Projects can be used to group tasks, locations, contacts, photos and voice memos into a single job.
  • Finding photos is easy with the project gallery
  • Quickly audition voice memos for a project
  • Generate time sheets for an entire project
  • Backup and restore projects to removable media
  • Call or text contacts associated with a project

Media-rich tasks

Tasks are powerful multimedia activities that are automatically generated for you:
  • Tags let you monitor time spent on similar tasks
  • Maps show you time spent at every location
  • Easily generate customised task reports
  • Perform complex searches to find tasks easily
  • Keep great records with text, photo & voice attachments

Media Management

Get instant access to all your notes, photos and voice memos:
  • Easily find any photo by browsing the photo gallery
  • Audition all voice memos from a single location
  • Quickly rename or delete any file
  • Backup and restore everything in a single operation

Who uses Business Time?

  • Small businesses
    - often working away from their desks
  • Freelancers
    - juggling meetings, phone calls & projects
  • Consultants
    - visiting multiple clients in a day
  • Trades people
    - travelling between multiple work sites
  • Healthcare professionals
    - moving from room to room all day
  • Anyone who uses time-based billing to earn a living

Why should I install Business Time?

Here are 10 quick and indisputable reasons why you should give Business Time a try!
  1. It's fast - no waiting to login or synchronise
  2. It's easy - one touch and you're tracking time and location
  3. It's friendly - no typing needed to get started
  4. It's smart - records what you do, when you do it - and where you do it
  5. It's aware - runs in the background and integrates your address book
  6. It's rich - voice memos and photos ensure good record keeping
  7. It's safe - change phones and share data using backup & restore
  8. It's native - runs just fine with no network coverage
  9. It's communicative - easily access time sheet emails from any computer
  10. It's FREE!* - download and install it at no cost
* Yes, this is the small print - the free version is limited to 5 projects, 50 tasks and 100 timers.